Teresa Almeida, Paulo Gouveia (PT) - Artistic projects all over the world

Prague - November 1, 2011

Portuguese artists Teresa Almeida and Paulo Gouveia talk mostly about the artistic residencies, international cooperations and projects they do all over the world.

Paulo Gouveia, portuguese artist and a president of non-profit organisation called Board of Clube Português de Artes e Ideias talk about the beginning of his cooperation with Teresa Almeida, an artist,designer, researcher and teacher originally from Portugal. In the interview he focuses on his previous projects somehow connected to residencies. Then, Teresa reveals her teaching in Media Arts and Interactive Art at Lasalle College of Arts in Singapore and explains the difference of art education and culture between Asia, Us and Europe. As she said, there is a more space to explore in Asia, because there is less people, so everything is new and everything you bring is kind of surprise, especially if you work with young college students.

I've been putting some thinking into this idea of traditional and digital in more kind of world context where people don't have an access to not even the electricity sometimes.

Later on, she mentions her latest projects- project she is currently working on with women’s organisation (she is teaching soft electronics on the border of Burma, where people don’t have an access  to not even the electricity sometimes) and project Space Dress originally designed for rush hour at NYC subway system. She designates wearable technologies to cope with stress, anxiety and claustrophobic situations, or simply for comfort.

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