Irina Botea (RO) - Art related to the protests

Prague - November 24, 2011

Interview with Irina Botea, an artist and filmmaker took place on the Mob conference in Prague

Irina Botea talks about her artistic residency in Barcelona, where she participated in the protest on 15 May. With relation to protests, where using the mobile phone camera is so obvious, she asks what kind of possibilities the mobile phone camera provides us. On one hand there is our obsession of recording images, but at the same time when we are recording images as the proofs, to defend ourselves, so the camera can became a weapon,or a defence tool. Beside that, she talks about workshop she lead together with artists Anita Serrano and Merce Ortega in Barcelona. It was focused on the interesting idea of how we can unmechanized ourselves.

In general what I am interested in is how can we provoke the recognition of the present moment, how do we reproduce the moment, how do we really participate.

Lastly, she described the project she realized in Prague. As she said, she made the list of web links connected to the protests, mainly protests from 2011, then she transformed each link into quark code, printed it as a4 format paper, put them occupied the square with them. So it was almost like the manifests.




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