Roel Smeets (NL) - Body and Space

Prague - April 5, 2013

Roel Smeets presents several projects of wearable technologies created in Popka lab within the ArtistTalk Symposium at 6th International art - sci - tech biennale Enter 6: Biopolis in Prague, Czech Republic.

Roel Smeets, student of industrial design at Eindhoven university of technology introduces several interesting projects of Popka lab, a platform to develop creations on design and interactive media founded by Ricardo O’Nascimento. More precisely he focuses on wearable technologies presented by Rambler /a pair of trendy sneakers that take microblogging one step further, by literally posting your steps on a Twitter account./, Taiknam Hat /a kinetic head-wear that reacts and animates in accordance with the changes in its surrounding medium wave radio signals/ and E-ansã /a dress reacts to the presence of cell phone frequency signals/.

roel smeets roel smeets2

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