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  • Amelia Andersdotter (se)

    Amelia Andersdotter (se) - Paraflows 7 // Modern democracy for the European Union

    Post-democracy is the state wherein which much political power and many le- gislative, including interpretative, competences are moved away from […]

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  • Berlin Documentary Forum 2

    Berlin Documentary Forum 2

    The BERLIN DOCUMENTARY FORUM is a biannual interdisciplinary festival showcasing visual, audiovisual and performative works from all over the world.

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  • Eyal Sivan

    Eyal Sivan

    Eyal Sivan is a documentary filmmaker born in Haifa, Israel. He is a self-taught author, who at first dropped out […]

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  • Eyal Sivan (IL)

    Eyal Sivan (IL) - interview

    The interview with Eyal Sivan was recorded at Berlin Documentary Forum 2, where Sivan was presenting his new project Montage Interdit, an online archive exploring and experimenting with possibilities of montage in documentary film.

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  • Joachim Koester (DK)

    Joachim Koester (DK) - Interview

    The interview with Danish artist Joachim Koester was recorded at Berlin Documentary Forum 2, where his work was central to the exhibition A Blind Spot. In the interview, Koester speaks about his work From the Secret Garden of Sleep (2008).

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