Ulrich Fischer (SUI) - iPhone application Walking the edit

Prague - November 24, 2011

Interview with Ulrich Fischer whose work includes installations, performances and interactive media took place on the Mob conference in Prague.

Ulrich Fischer talks about his beginnings in traditional filmmaking and latter attempt to get outside of the traditional cinema, back to the everyday life by trying to experiment more and more with open images. In his early works there are some experimental movies, animations, documentaries, installations and even some cooperations with the dance companies within them he was dancing with the projector itself.

You can be in the interaction with the real space by creating something, what is today way of making things, but the data world which is also around us gives us the access to the other dimensions of this real world.

Later on he mentions very interesting project called Walking the edit, what is basically the system which allows you to interact with the images which were placed in the public space previously in very simple and intuitive way. Nowadays it exists like a free iPhone app’ “WE” that records your trajectory with the internal GPS and it is very simple to use- by pressing the button you start to record yourself and get the access to information about where are you, how do you move, where do you come from and perhaps where are you going to. Later on you get the access to data, the documents which are related to the place you are in and you edit them by walking.

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