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                  In celebration of the first two years of ArtistTalk project, MoTA has started […]











In celebration of the first two years of ArtistTalk project, MoTA has started a publication series MoTA Editions. We are proud to announce the first edition: Outerviews.

Outerviews. Conversations with artists is comprised of 17 interviews with artists, selected from the archive of the ArtistTalk project. Outerviews presents authors active in a variety of artistic fields, ranging from film, video, painting, sound, performance and many trans-medium approaches. The conversations included illuminate the processes behind the making of art works, which in have in our view proposed the most interesting challenges to the common conceptions of art.


From the foreword: »OUTERVIEWS presents a mosaic of different personas, hailing from different backgrounds and active in a large variety of artistic fields, some very hard to pin down. But we claim that what unifies these artists in their very different approaches, is a drive to contribute to social reality in a highly critical, yet constructive way. Our approach in these conversations was therefore in looking for world views – the underlying observations and individual positioning in the world, which is a prerequisite for any socially engaged artistic practice.«


Included artists: Zbig Rybczyński / Eyal Sivan / Harun Farocki / Piotr Krajewski / Jorge Rodriguez Gerada / Arjan Pregl / Societe Realiste / Zimoun / Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen / Emptyset / Plaid / Burnt Friedman / Julian Oliver / Roy Ascott / Joe Davis / Ion Sorvin – N55 / Biennale de Paris


Artists included: The pioneering works of experimental filmmakers to documentary/film essayists (Zbig Rybczynski, Eval Sivan, Harun Farocki); Jorge Rodriguez Gerada, visual artist known for numerous guerrilla public art and large scale public portraits using sand, charcoal, gravel, etc; Société Réaliste, whose works deal with political design, experimental economy, territorial ergonomy and social engineering consulting; Arjan Pregl, whose paintings combines three key elements: constructive criticism of art theory, humour, and political engagement; Zimoun, whose use of plain industrial materials, such as cardboard boxes, mechanical motors, create monumental sound architectures; Lilibeth Cuenca, who navigates the interspaces between different kinds of realities and extremes, between the perfect staging of music videos and raw reality of documentaries, between personal confessionals and political commitment; Emptyset, whose electronic music explores the legacy of analogue media, integrating aspects of rhythm, signal processing and spatial recording within the framework of minimalist composition; Plaid, who reinvented electronic dance music (Warp) and film scores (Tekkonkinkreet, etc); Julian Oliver, a critical engineer, programmer whose works expose and challenge mechanisms behind the products of technology we use in daily life; n55, the art collective whose projects blend art with every day life often creating situations and modular architecture systems that try to “rebuild the city from within;” Alexandre Gurita, who hacked one of the first art biennals in the world, Biennale De Paris, to reinvent its function and role in the now biennal flooded world; the artist, philosopher, and pioneering theorist Roy Ascott, who works with cybernetics and telematics; Joe Davis, the man who implemented a fragment of Heraclitus into the gene of the white eyes of fruit flies, who made bacteria listen to jazz, who grew the information about intrasitivity of human being back to the biological world…

The book is out and in circulation now.

The book was launched at the opening of 15th WRO Media Biennale.

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Price: 12.99 EUR!

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