Eyal Sivan (IL) - interview

Berlin Documentary Forum 2, Berlin - August 28, 2012

The interview with Eyal Sivan was recorded at Berlin Documentary Forum 2, where Sivan was presenting his new project Montage Interdit, an online archive exploring and experimenting with possibilities of montage in documentary film.

In the interview, Sivan talks about his background, how he started making documentary films, he discusses his films Route 181 and Jaffa – An Orange’s Clockwork and his new projects. But apart from talking about his films and his work, Sivan shares a reflection on the current state of the world, its conflicts and wars and the potential of art to resolve them.

"Europe is facing a difficult situation, in which crisis is understood as a state of total depression. But for me crisis is a moment of potential."

See the presentation of his project Montage Interdit (Forbidden Montage) at  Issue Zero, an online platform exploring contemporary modes of developing, producing, and distributing documentary in and across networked environments.


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