Marko Suvajdzic (RS) - Computer art in Serbia

Trondheim - November 1, 2010

An interview with Marko Suvajdzic was recorded on the occasion of Biennale for art and technology Meta.Morf in Trondheim, Norway.

As Marko Suvajdzic says, he had an opportunity to be at right place at right time – he lived in San Francisco in 1995, when the Internet and whole variety of startups dealing with artificial intelligence, online social communities and online shopping experiences were starting to happen. After 15 years in States he moved back to the Belgrade and started new Computer art department, which was a real challenge since it required a lot of approvement of Ministry of culture on the state level. Nowadays, Computer art department is moving to the next level by further expanding and networking with other advertees in Europe and United states all with the goal of bringing more and more of what’s going on around the Serbia to Serbia. Moreover Marko Suvajdzic mentions historico-cultural situation in Serbia, hackers community and renovation of Youth centre in Belgrade.

Technologically orientated art were not presented in Belgrad, so for example until 2004 when the new department was open, there was nobody there who was formally educated to make a web site.

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