Ivana Sremcevic, Nenad Kesic (RS) - Videomedeja

Prague - November 1, 2011

Talk on annual video festival organized by Yugoslav Video Art Association in Novi Sad since 1996.

Ivana Sremčević (director) and Nenad Kesić (responsible for artworks) present VideoMedeja, international new media festival focused on video which was established in February 1998 by curators, art board members, producers, organizers and volunteers. Its primary aim was to promote video creativity, related artistic forms and avant-garde art with an emphasis on women’s perspective. Nowadays it is an annual presentation of new media art in very broad sense, from video, performance, very classical single channel video installation to hybrid art and network based projects taking place in serbian city Novi Sad.

People (in Serbia) even don't know what is the video, so the first step is to learn them about new technologies and who knows, maybe in the future there can be some categories like a women's video and the others.

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