Jane Grant (UK) - Between signal and noise: potency, potentiality and the uncertain moment

Prague - December 8, 2012

Jane Grant presents her paper within the panel Neurogenetic Media: From Research Tool to New Art Applications at International conference MutaMorphosis in Prague, Czech Republic.

One of the holy grails of neuroscientific research is to determine the ‘site’ of memory. Many neuroscientists suggest that memory is stored in unstable synapses. As humans we have the potential to store long-term memory for around 100 years, yet the synaptic moment is around a second long. How can this be? Recent research claims that it is noise that carries ‘the imprint of all memory patterns in temporal correlations’. Could it be that randomness and indeterminacy are at the core of ourselves? The old model of mind is undone, selfhood a flickering event, temporal and reflexive, the self in the brain a phantom where memory is made up of noise incipient and uncertain.

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