Aleksander Valjamae (EE) - Neurocinema

Prague - December 11, 2012

On neurocinema as a research and artistic tool.

Aleksander Väljamäe defines the concept of neurocinema, neuro genetic media and their impact on artistic creation and scientific research. Cooperation between media artists and researchers in neuroimaging and imaging genetics can bring new inputs to the both areas. For example, open a new neuroscience-inspired perspectives for narrative strategies in film and, at the same time, foster the use of structured audio-visual stimuli that can advance our understanding of human cognition and emotion.

For me, the neurocinema is a little bit different, it is more related to the concept of enactive media, it means that it is a hybrid between brain imaging studies from one side and from other side interactive cinema where the story develops according to your reactions. But now it will be not developing according to your explicit reactions, but more on unconscious, implicit level.

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