Ekmel Ertan (TR) - Amber Art and Technology Festival

Istanbul - November 1, 2011

Ekmel Ertan presents Amber festival, the largest international event in Arts and New Technologies in Turkey

Ekmel Ertan is a founder and artistic director of Amber, an annual festival organized by BIS, Body-Process Arts Association that aims to create, develop and promote a discussion platform, the researches and the creation in performance arts and technology in Turkey since 2007. He talks more about the goals such as inviting interesting artists to new mea scene in Istanbul and introducing turkish artist internationally on the other hand.

We question what could be the next ecology of live in general, which is not only green or environmental but also like the economy and human relations, social relations and everything. It is to possible to have a holistic ecology?

Then he introduces amber Art and Technology Festival2011 which deals with the topic of ecology in broad sense, more concretely aesthetically and conceptual wonderful artwork called My first time to touch the clothes and interactive work Rain rain rain made all from paper. Later on, he reveals the background of the festival, the whole process from an announcement of open call, through selection of submitted artists to the running of festival itself. Lately he describes an amberPlatform project called Open Data Open City, which focuses on the cities, aims at disseminating the openness culture and suggests to let all the data open and accessible.

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