Petr Svárovský (CZ) - iPhone application Flirtman

Prague - November 1, 2011

Talk about the mobile art applications on the occasion of the Mob conference in Prague.

Petr Svárovský, a new media artist and designer talks about the relationship between technology and human consciousness, especially the way that mobile Apps and games affects human social behavior. He introduces his latest iPhone app called Flirtman, a free game, where one player [FRED] sends commands to the other player [JERRY] who must carry them out, while other people don’t know that he is under control. It is kind of a remote control, where commands are in sound form, delivered via the Internet and played to Jerry’s ears through a headset.

It is about bringing computer game out of the box to the public space or streets, where people experience real challenges and real danger, real excitement in real live.

Later on, he mentions

  • educational system in Norway
  • impact of Woody Vasulka to his work
  • several projects he is currently working on

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