• Ernest Truely

    Ernest Truely

    Ernest Truely is one of the authors of the project Tukk Sitta, a lovable misfit who exists only on Facebook from September 2008.

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  • François Duconseille

    François Duconseille - Scenographies Urbaines - (ScU)2

    (ScU)2 was formed as an artists group by Francois Duconseille and Jean-Christophe Lanquetin in 2000, in order to organise the first Urban Scenography’s residency in Douala (2003) with the Kapsiki Circle cameroonian artist group.

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  • Simon Krahl

    Simon Krahl - Transforma

    Transforma is an artist group who’s work has a focus on video, performance, installations and music / video collisions.

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  • Gregor Kamnikar

    Gregor Kamnikar

    Gregor is a researcher of physical intelligence coming from the field of contemporary dance.

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  • Sally Golding

    Sally Golding

    Sally Golding is film performance artist, curator and audiovisual archivist hailing from Brisbane, Australia working on the cusp of performance, moving image art and visual hallucination.

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  • Kevin Bartoli

    Kevin Bartoli - Artkillart

    Kevin Bartoli is the cofounder of Artkillart – a label based in Paris / Brussels / Berlin, created in 2007.

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  • Alex Toland

    Alex Toland - Wish Garden

    Alex Toland, september 2010 artist in residence of MoTa – Museum of Transitory Art, presents her project-workshop Wish Garden. This […]

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