Daniel Belasco Rogers (DE) & Sophia New (DE) - Narrating Our Lines

Prague - December 7, 2012

Daniel Belasco Rogers & Sophia New present their paper within the panel Time and Technology at International conference MutaMorphosis in Prague, Czech Republic.

For the MutaMorphosis 2012 panel on Time and Technology, plan b (Daniel Belasco Rogers & Sophia New) will contribute with a performative lecture about their sousveillance work together, recording every journey they make out of doors with a GPS and other collecting practices. The GPS practice, started in 2003 by Daniel and 2007 by Sophia, not only represents the attempt by the artists to see ‘the drawing of their lives’ but serves as a digital mnemonic, a record that can prompt a day-by-day recall of their lives through playing back their own traces. This mnemonic attempt is exemplified in the work ‘Narrating Our Lines’, where they attempt to remember the private events of 2007 as played back to them in the form of GPS traces in 2010, shown first in its intended configuration at Art Laboratory Berlin earlier this year, an excerpt of which they will present in the panel.

This practice has also extended to collecting every text message the couple have sent each other since 2006, a collection that has formed the material for the performance ‘A Message To You’ in which a year’s worth of text messages are shouted out in a public space, as well as ‘The printing of every text message we sent each other since 2007′, a work for dot matrix printer that was seen at the exhibition ‘Tracing Mobility’ at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in December 2011.

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