Roc Parés Burguès (ES) - Android application Mute map

Prague - November 1, 2011

Talk about the mobile art applications on the occasion of the Mob conference in Prague.

Roc Parés Burguès, an artist and expert in interactive communication based in Barcelona talks about his background in fine arts and the very first guerilla new media art project in 1990. Whereas he is interviewed at the Mob conference focused on the mobile technology, he presents his work which was developed in the context of mobile art laboratory.

The idea is not that much about finding the silence in terms of absence of noise, but maybe places and moments of calm.

Namely he speaks about an Android application called Mute map, which was created in collaboration with Hangar, centre for art research and production. It is a reflection on silence, calm and serenity, within its frame people can record and attach places they consider silent to the map. Beside that he mentions recent project with the smartphones flying on a bunch of helium balloons. It uses camera and the internal GPS so people can follow their smartphones inside the web browser, with the small map which is dynamically updating the position.




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