Nathan Brock (US) - Closer to virtuality

Prague - October 30, 2012

Nahan Brock talks about the specifics of both technological and artistic challenge brought by the development of hi-speed data networks.

Artistic performance is area taking advantage of the accessibility of managed networks. Musicians in particular are using low-latency networks for telematic performances, in which players at several geographically separated locations play together synchronously, with audiences at each node. Musicians have famously low tolerance for delay, and these performances are excellent test cases for networks and networking technologies. Dancers, actors, and visual artists also participate in these events. Several different techniques for managing delay will be presented, along with video examples. These telematic performances bring together artists in novel ways, and create new environments that challenge previously accepted ideas of mediated space, interactivity, and audience perspective, while investigating the semiotics of remote collaboration in ways that could influence future generations of networked appliances.

Telematic performance is the process of having performances in which musician and other artists are positioned in geographically separate locations, collaborating together in real time over a network.




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