Marc Dusseiller (CH) - DIYbio and Nomadic Science BioHackLab


As part of Mutamorphosis 2012, Nomadic Science BioHackLab hosted a pre-conference workshop with invited artists, hackers, philosophers and cooks to connect old and new lab equipment, spaces, and protocols, and define methodologies of nomadic science.

Dusjagr aka Dr. Marc Dusseiller, a transdisciplinary scholar, lecturer for micro- and nanotechnology, cultural facilitator and artist talk sabout his current projects in Hackteria framework which take place all around the world and discuss a potential danger within DIY bio scene. Furthermore he mentions really interesting workshop Nomadic Science BioHackLab, DIYbio and Open Biology tribute to Renaissance alchemist, makers, artisans, and tinkerers which he recently led in collaboration with Denisa Kera at multifunctional bar space Sample room (Vzorkovna) in Prague.

I work very interdisciplinary these days, so I try to bring together scientists, hackers, geeks, artists, cookers, whatever.


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