Mannes Poel (NL) - Brain signals

Prague - March 1, 2012

In interview, Mannes Poel focuses on how can we measure what humans are experiencing and how can we enhance their experience.

Mannes Poel, a senior researcher at the Human Media Interaction group of the department of Computer Science of the University of Twente, with focus on machine learning, talks about the fascination for phenomena of experience. As he said, he is not particularly interested in interpreting the brain signals from medical point of view, but he tries to found out how can we enhance experience in interacting with certain artworks.

Now we have focus on how can we measure what humans are experiencing. We don't only use it for art, but you can use it for games etc- what kind of games would people like to play and why do they want to play this game and how can we enhance the experience and how do we measure this phenomena of experience.

Later on, he mentions his collaboration with Aleksander Viljamae within the SparX project.




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