Ludger Pfanz (DE) - 3D space as a meaningful metaphor

Prague - November 2, 2012

An interview with Ludger Pfanz was recorded on the occasion of Stereoscopic video art festival Parallax in Prague, Czech Republic.

Filmmaker, director and producer Ludger Pfanz talks about his beginnings at the time of video revolution, exciting shooting in countries such as Kurdistan, Zimbabwe, China, working in cinema and german public television station and leading 3D-Festival BEYOND at ZKM, the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe. However, as he said he tries not to solve the technical problems, but to answers what is the new chance for 3D. In relation to stereoscopic movies he explain explains terms such as space time narratives, chronotopos, thumos, outer plot conflict or so called emotional network conflict in horizontal tension, inner character conflict in vertical tension, Z space, rule of thumb and so forth.

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