James K. Gimzewski (UK) - Self-organized criticality

Trondheim - November 1, 2010

An interview with James K. Gimzewski was recorded on the occasion of Biennale for art and technology Meta.Morf in Trondheim, Norway.

James K. Gimzewski, co-director of the Art|Sci Center talks about strange phenomena called self-organized criticality which seems to be perhaps a way to understand consciousness, but also maybe a model for new form computation that is not digital. Then he presents some transdisciplinary projects made in cooperation with media artist Victoria Vesna. One of them is Blue Morph, an interactive installation that uses nanoscale images and sounds derived from the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. It provides the wonderful experience of listening to the sounds of the cellular transformation of butterfly. He mentions their latest project on sonification of neurons and motion in neurons itselves.

We want to see how that interacts, what, you know, people listening essentially to their own brains.

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