Ed Tannenbaum (US) - Interactive video/dance works

Prague - October 31, 2011

Ed Tannenbaum was interviewed during the Reset festival in Prague

Ed Tannenbaum talks about his very beginnings when he was a child, making decisions between engineering and art and how he get into making an interactive art. He mentions artists who was influenced to him such as Woody Vasulka, Paul De Marinis and Jim Pomeroy to whom he even created website with his retrospective. Later on he introduces Exploratorium, the museum of science, art and human perception in San Francisco based on the teachings of Frank Oppenheimer and demystifying the technology.

I create a space that allows people to be playful in a space, be creative, feel creative, have a sense of discovery and let them create new things.

Beside that, he talks about the projects he is currently working on such as video printed output which let people to have a capture from that exhibition, show about infinity and his continuous project Recollections now in high resolution version. Lastly he mentions another branch of his work which is dance performance.




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