Zack Denfeld & Cat Kramer (US) - The Center for Genomic Gastronomy and Nomadic Science BioHackLab


Zack Denfeld & Cat Kramer present an independent research institute The Center for Genomic Gastronomy with a focus on food, technology and ecology and pre-conference workshop of MutaMorphosis 2012 called Nomadic Science BioHackLab.

Zack Denfeld & Cat Kramer, founders of independent research institute that studies the genomes and biotechnologies that make up the human food system on planet earth called The Center for Genomic Gastronomy talk about how it all started and their future plans. Moreover, they present their most recent project with low tech chromatography aimed to find out the secret recipe of eleven herbs and spices used in Kentucky Fried Chicken which they were working on within very interesting workshop Nomadic Science BioHackLab, DIYbio and Open Biology tribute to Renaissance alchemist, makers, artisans, and tinkerers at multifunctional bar space Sample room (Vzorkovna) in Prague.

We were doing a research into genetically modified aubergines in India and we were looking at the biodiversity of agriculture in India and that sort of led to bunch of projects thinking about diversity in food, how food relates to biotechnology, and yeah just generally cooking culture around the world.

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