Repetition, and Rebellion – Multiplicity in Spanish Emerging Art - Aco Voljch

When art and activism collide the revolution is inevitable.

International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC – Mednarodni grafični likovni center)
Grad Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slovenia
17 February – 3 April 2011

The exhibition presents works from Spain’s contemporary art production in the areas of printmaking, multiple art, and other art practices based on reproduction.
Participating artists and art collectives: Democracia, Azucena Vieites, La Más Bella, PSJM, Javier Arce, Daniel Silvo, El Cartel, Fernando García, Noaz, Enrique Radigales, Ediciones Puré, La Lata, S.T. Libro Objeto.

Organized in collaboration with Asociación Hablar en Arte ( and Ingráfica ( from Madrid.

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This presentation was recorded on 17 February 2011 in Ljubljana, Slovenia




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