Igor Bošnjak - BH.art.map

III Spa Port Biennial, Banja Luka - October 31, 2010

Igor Bošnjak is author and curator of the international namaTRE.ba project.

Igor Bošnjak is author and curator of the international namaTRE.ba project. In addition to the art of painting, he has delved into the area of new media art, experimental film and video. He also works as a freelance theorist and reflects on the new theoretical and art platforms in the domain of film, video and cyberspace.

Curently works as a asistant professor at Academy of fine arts in Trebinje at department of painting and as a coordinator on subjects of intermedia and photography.
Lives and works in Trebinje (Bosnia&Herzegovina).

In this ArtistTalk he presents the BH.art.map, which tries to map everything in the art field that takes place in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It is created under the INVENT TURA project.

Link: bhartmap.com

This ArtistTalk was recorded on 31 October 2010 on III Spa Port Biennial, Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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