Clemens M. Plank (AT) - The cognitive user of architecture

Trondheim - November 1, 2010

An interview with Clemens M. Plank was recorded on the occasion of Biennale for art and technology Meta.Morf in Trondheim, Norway.

Clemens M. Plank presents his latest project The Cognitive User of Architecture, a conceptual framework for the exploration between the relationship of architecture and its user. He tries to investigate the relationship between the architecture and user defining the user as consciously perceiving system based on the current neuroscientific and neurophilosofical debate, especially the philosophy of mind.

These concepts and ideas about philosophy I use to define a new idea about how this relationship between the architecture and user could look like.

Besides, he explains how is the using of technological inventions changing the architecture nowadays and where does the term User of architecture come from.

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