Alessandro Ludovico (IT) - Neural magazine

Ars-Electronica-Straße 1, Linz - September 1, 2012

The interview with Alessandro Ludovico, critic and editor in chief of Neural magazine, and also publisher of several books and essays on digital culture about Neural magazine and expanding media artist to the science territories media.

Alessandro Ludovico was talking firstly about Neural magazine, an international magazine with subscribers from all around the world. He described its evolution from early nineties, changing the name from Cyber culture to Neural magazine and proudly said as they managed to survive at least two big phenomena (sudden rise of paper costs during the last nineties and the advent of network) and even find the way to evolve accordingly to network and network economy. Nowadays magazine tries to fuse three big areas- hacktivism, sound art (specifically interested into conceptual use of technologies) and new media art. However, he pointed out that Neural magazine is not the magazine with geek obsession for technologies, but it is more about social role, implications, consequences, answering the question how technologies can influence and change real life.

Neural magazine always tries to be an independent magazine from every perspective.

Later on he was talking about

  • current situation in art
  • expanding media artist to the science territories
  • how technologies becomes less interesting as they are used as daily tools
  • and consequently science becomes a territory where more innovative and radical processes can be enabled

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