Adam Zaretsky (US) & Tony Allard (US) - Mutate or Die

Prague - December 6, 2012

Adam Zaretsky & Tony Allard present their paper within the panel Confronting the Bacterial Sublime: Whole Genome Sequencing, Microbiology and Bioart at International conference MutaMorphosis in Prague, Czech Republic.

“Mutate or Die” was a bioart project conceived of and executed by Tony Allard and Adam Zaretsky. Bioart tends to use cutting edge biotechnology as an art-making device and specializes in presenting living organisms as art. In this project, an amplified DNA sample from William S. Burroughs preserved turd was isolated and amplified in order to be shot into the nuclei of mixed cells: sperm, blood and faecal. At this time Mutate or Die has come to a collaborative halt. Adam Zaretsky and Tony Allard no longer share the same projected vision. The path is now divided into two forms from the original project: Tony Allard’s Mutate or Die and Adam Zaretsky’s Mutate or Die cum IUFN (inter urinus et faeces nascimur [between urine and feces, we are born].) The following text represents a time capsule of sorts leading towards multiple leaky futures.


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