MOB conference

The MOB conference aims to trace the impact of the mobile technology on European space, cities, environmental realities, physical and virtual mobility through invited artists, developers, architects, researchers, and cultural organizations.

Conference chairpersons: Woody Vasulka and Don Foresta

The conference will be followed by the screening of selected audiovisual works by Woody Vasulka.


Conference program:

15:00 | Conference opening by Woody Vasulka and Don Foresta

15:25 | Presentation of the MOB project by the coordinating organization Dedale, France

15:50 | Presentation of Swiss artist Ulrych Fischer

16:15 | Presentation of Roc Pares (ESP)

16:40 | Presentation of Irina Botea (RO)

17:05 | Presentation of Ingrid Diac (RO)

18:05 | Break

18:25 | Film screening – Bestebu by Marcel Li Antunez Roco (ESP)

18:50 | Presentation of Daniel Jankovič (SK)

19:15 | Presentation of Darina Alster (CZ)

19:40 | MOB Contest Award Ceremony

20:00 | Screening of works of Woody Vasulka, the chairman of the conference


This project has been funded with the support from the European Comission.