Marco Bischof (CH) - Holistic health concept

Trondheim - November 1, 2010

An interview with Marco Bischof was recorded on the occasion of Biennale for art and technology Meta.Morf in Trondheim, Norway.

Marco Bischof, an independent scholar, science writer and consultant in transdisciplinary fields presents his point of view to the division between the art and science. As he says, they have a lot in common- they are both expressions of culture, they want to become cultural practises and have an important task in this process to help making potentialities into actualities. Moreover, neither art nor science are really important- what is really important is what are we learning by doing an art or science and how do we develop ourselves. Later on, he explains his holistic health concept closely connected to the belief that every citizen of our society must be an artist in future, because only if you are an artists you can be healthy, which means every person must be creative and develop his or her own potential as a human to be healthy and it means that everyone must be an artist in a certain sense.

I believe that all creative people in human society work on a common project and this project is the evolution of humanity and the evolution of the whole universe and every person has his or her particular contribution to make, because we are all unique.