Become a partner organisation

Many organisations worldwide have already started to organise talks, lectures, presentations and discussions
and the aim of ArtistTalk is to provide open access to recordings of these events in one place.

Your organisation can join as a contributor. Instead of keeping the documentation in your archives, you can publish it on ArtistTalk website. This option allows you to have your own subpage in the ‘Series’ section on the ArtistTalk Internet page, where you can present your organisation and offer a selection of talks from your archives.

Technical requirements:
- duration of the talk should be 15 to 25 minutes
- the talk is recorded in high quality sound and video
- the talks should be in English or with English subtitles,
- the action is finished by posting to Artist Talk portal with option
of having a subpage of your organization,
where you present your organization and your selected artists.
Apart from this, the format and content of your Artist Talk
channel is free for your interpretation and ideas.

If you would like to share your videos, contact us!

Join the team
We’re hiring! is looking for recording teams and
interviewers to record interviews with artists from all over the world.
If you know about an interesting event, you have a camera and you are
interested in recording short interviews with artists
in your city, contact us!
Please send us your short CV and proposal for the event and artists
you would like to interview together with proposed interview questions.

The interviews must be recorded in HD quality and not more than 20 minutes long.
The interviews should be in english or with english subtitles. offers access to the events and a modest fee for the interviewer.