Ulrich Fischer

Ulrich Fischer (SUI)

Ulrich Fischer has been working with film and video since 1994. His work includes installations, performances and interactive media. He is active in three film groups (Perceuse Productions, Spoutnik cinema, Zebra Lab) and gives theoretical and technical curses on cinema. He graduated from the Geneva Art School ( E.S.A.V.) in 2000.

Between 1996 and 1998, Fischer made four 16mm films: 20 Lustres, a 15 min collaborative film; Es geht auch schneller, a 12 min experimental animation; Rendez-vous, a 12 min fictional film; and Un îlot dans la ville, an 18 min documentary.

His films have been shown in several festivals and cinemas throughout the world. In 2000, he made La ville de S, a 35mm short fictional film which was shown in a dozen festivals and broadcasted several times by ARTE. His latest videos, 4 courtes pièces were completed in 2004 as part of a commissioned program for Swiss television (SFDRS).

In parallel to his own projects, Ulrich Fischer also produces documentary films, such as Nos racines silencieuses by Ania Temler and L’image à paroles by Michel Favre.

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