Robert Wechsler (US)

Robert Wechsler is a choreographer, dancer and developer of interactive methods of performing with technology. His interest in sensors and electronic devices dates back to the 1970′s when he used body-worn electronic devices attached to the dancer’s body. He is the director of Palindrome, a pioneer in interactive and computer-assisted performance and now directs MotionComposer — a project to build a device for persons with disabilities that turns movement into music.

He holds a BFA in dance and an MFA in choreography from State University of New York at Purchase and New York University respectively. He also studied ten years with Merce Cunningham and John Cage in New York and is recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship and, together with Palindrome, first prize at the Berlin Transmediale for “best interactive art”. From 2004-6, he directed England’s first masters degree program in digital performance at Hull University. He is the author of articles in Leonardo Magazine, IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, Ballet International, Dance Magazine, Dance Research Journal, Nouvelle de Danse, Der Tanz der Dinge and others. His work with persons with disabilities began in 2010 and has continued to this day.

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