Marko Suvajdzic

Marko Suvajdzic (RS)

Marko is a seasoned executive with 10+ years of experience in the creative production space. His professional involvement includes a wide range of services, from working on top selling video game titles such as Dogz & Catz your virtual Petz (PF. Magic/Mattel), to co-founding internet startups with industry visionaries alike Andrew Keen (, to founding his own two creative production companies (IQ Studios, inc. and O2D, inc.). Marko has vast experience in online game creation and online advertising. Prior to O2D, as VP of Production Marko spearheaded all creative production at a top 10 “stickiest” Internet destination with 1.3 million members. In March of 2001, Bigprizes sold to, an Idealab’s company. A serial entrepreneur and veteran of 6 startups total, ranging from 1 to 4 years each.

Specialties: Creative production, video games development, Internet advertising, web site creation, direct marketing.



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