Maria Joao Grade Godinho

Maria Joao Grade Godinho (UK)

Maria Grade Godinho is a portuguese/australian scientist, educator and researcher. Her research background in biological sciences includes positions in five laboratories located in three countries. She has been engaged in a broad range of scientific projects including sequencing a bacterial genome, investigating mammalian cell death and the response of plants to pathogens, developing diagnostic tools for human epilepsy and studying the regeneration of peripheral nerves. During her doctoral studies at The University of Western Australia she became involved with SymbioticA, an artistic laboratory dealing in biological art, where she engaged with a number of artists, researchers and students. Some of these interactions evolved into participation in various art projects and exhibitions and a co-authored publication. Importantly, these interdisciplinary experiences shifted her research interest from natural towards social studies of science. Currently she is an Honorary Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Economic & Social Research Council Genomics Policy and Research Forum at the University of Edinburgh. She is examining the interaction between arts and biological sciences, and she is particularly interested in the effects these interdisciplinary encounters can have on science and scientific practice.


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