Lorenz Potthast (DE)

Lorenz Potthast works in the University of the Arts in Bremen, Germany.In his work he is interested in the relations between digital and analog, from planar to corporeal and how a increasingly digitalized environment will influence our daily routines, our connections and our future. He prefers working interdisciplinary, conceptual and likes to question the existing, rethink it, or use it in a new context.

Lorenz studies Integrated Design at the University of the Arts in Bremen (www.hfk-bremen.de/en). He just came back from a Semester in Venice, is a co-founding member of 16zuMoin (www.16zumoin.de) and is currently doing an internship at Urbanscreen (www.urbanscreen.de).


Related links: http://www.lorenzpotthast.de, , http://vimeo.com/lorenzpotthast