Encore heureux

Encore Heureux (Julien Choppin and Nicola Delon) (FR)

Since 2001, Encore Heureux has explored the urban condition through its studio. The architects Julien Choppin and Nicola Delon triggered the expedition along with ten or so architects and designers based out of their atelier 11 rue Taylor in Paris. In the spirit of discovery, strategic partnerships are formed for research, speculative, and construction projects with architects, designers, landscape architects, and authors of all types but also with clients whose engagement is vital. To these we add technicians and tradespeople without whom most projects wouldn’t make it past their paper state and finally the users for whom the improvement of comfort remains the definitive ambition.

For ENCORE HEUREUX, this meeting is much more than a simple source of pleasure : it is that of a culture of work, a technique of excitement and curiosity, a combat strategy against resignation. Its disection at all levels of the project results in one hypothesis : that enthusiasm is a good method.

In defining their path, ENCORE HEUREUX planted the Parisian metro aeration grates (Herbes Folles), imagined a theatre on travelling the rail network (Wagons-Scènes), mobilised a troop of dromadaries to tour Brussels (Dromad Air). Following contemporary forms of nomadism, ENCORE HEUREUX travelled to Ulan-Bator for various experiments in the heart of a village composed of yurts (Mongolian Urban Studio) while returning to Paris for the construction of a floating concert hall and restaurant on the Seine (Petit Bain). Playing with boundaries is a leitmotiv that should not be extended litteraly, simultaneously ENCORE HEUREUX has incessantly worked at different scales creating design elements (Sawa ; Mobilo), installations (Sous les Zèbres ; Sous le Pont), micro architecture (Chinoiseries ; Room-Room) and architecture (Gourbi Palace, MUS, Ciné 32).

Awarded, in 2006 , the prize for the Nouveaux Albums de la Jeune Architecture (Award for emerging architects), ENCORE HEUREUX doesn’t cease to believe in the virtues of experimentation in all directions thus pursuing its path, without losing sight of the horizon : responding, in the best possible manner, to the desire to live better.

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