Brian Degger

Brian Degger (UK)

Dr Brian Degger is scientist with a PhD in Molecular Biotechnology from Queensland University of Technology(2002), Australia. In this project he recombinantly produced fish growth factors in bacteria, purified and characterised them. The recombinant proteins were subsequently used in diagnostic tests in aquaculture. His interest in how artists access cutting edge technologies resulted in the paper “Technology Transfer: Present and Future in the Electronic arts(2008). In recent years he has worked with artists to realise projects such as Infected Textiles, Laboratory life, Lighthouse Arts, Brighton(2011); to introduce them to new materials/experiences such as dissection classes and bioplastics making. He is also part of a growing group of interdisciplinary workers that meet in such events as Hackterialab11(CH) and Field_Notes Cultivating_Ground(FI) to brainstorm and initiate projects and collaborations.

Brian Degger uses scientific and open source methodologies to creatively explore research such as DIYBiology, bacterial cultivation, accessible technology and open source science.

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