Benjamin Pothier

Benjamin Pothier (FR)

Benjamin Pothier is a french Artist and Director, and a PhD researcher in Arts, Anthropology and Architecture at the CAIIA Hub of the Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth (UK).

He is a founding member of the artists collective Cellule0038753K, one of the first french VJ crew and Interactive Installation & films producers and directors Their films (documentaries, music video, video art) have been shown in various international festivals including a ten years retrospective of Cellule0038753K at NEMO Festival 2004 (Paris) and D.A.T.A Event 44.0 at the Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin (2010)

Benjamin has studied Print (etching, silkprint), Video and Cinema at the Institut of Visual Arts (Orleans) where he received a Master in Art magna cum Laude for the social implications of his work

He also has studied Arts, Choreography, Scenography and Contemporary Dance with Joseph Nadj at the National Choreographic Center of Orleans. With Iwana Masaki and Moeno Wakamatsu at Boris Vian Foundation (Paris) and in Turku (Finland). And with Hino Akira Senseï , amongst other Artists, performers and teachers

As a Director he has worked for Institutions, Music labels and international Events including Nyon Film Festival “Visions du Réel” and the LIFT Conference.

He was the only French Artist selected for the FIELD_NOTESresidency at Kilpisjarvi Biological Station in Lapland and he is invited as an artist to participate to the Arctic Circle Residency 2013, in the international territory of Svalbard, by THE FARM,INC. A New York based cultural organisation.

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