Anna Dumitriu

Anna Dumitriu (UK)

Anna Dumitriu is a visual and performance artist based in Brighton, England specialising in bioart. Her installations, interventions and performances use digital, biological and traditional media includingbacteria, digital projections and embroidery, working with diverse audiences.

Dumitriu’s work involves a deliberate blurring of the boundaries between artistic and scientific practice, particularly working with microbiology, robotics, artificial life technology, and art/science ethics. She is involved in public engagement in science, arts in healthcare and the teaching of art/science practice to both art students and medical/science students. She is Artist in Residence at The Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics [2] and a Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Informatics at Sussex University, Visiting Research Fellow: Artist in Residence at The University Of Hertfordshire in the Adaptive Systems Group and Artist in Residence on The UK Clinical Research Consortium – Modernising Medical Microbiology Project at The University of Oxford. She participated in the e-MobiLArt project (EU funded European Mobile Lab for Interactive Artists), is a contributing editor to Leonardo Electronic Almanac [3] and co-chair of the Arts and Culture Subcommittee of theAlan Turing Centenary. Dumitriu is founder and Director of the Institute of Unnecessary Research and lead artist on the “Trust me, I’m an artist: towards an ethics of art/science collaboration” project working with the Waag Society in Amsterdam.

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